• Why the minimum purchasing quantity is at least 6 bottles each order?

    Considering both the particularity of transporting liquid and glass products and the transportation cost, Beerepublic designed the beer pack for 6 bottles/carton. You can choose any 6 beers for one carton, and we have a bigger pack for more than 6 bottles. Besides, there is an individual package for some beers in a special size (such as 1,5L or 3L) on our website. You are able to purchase big size beer alone and the beer sets, please pay attention to the instruction on our website.
  • It’s quite complicated to add beers bottle by bottle into shopping cart, is there any easier way?

    On the ‘Beer’ page, please pay attention to the little sign on the top left corner of each beer image (shown below). You can click this little sign to add beers into your shopping cart immediately.
  • After purchasing beers, there are some beer coins in my account, what are they for?

    Beer coin is the virtual currency on Beerepublic website, after purchasing, beer coins will be created automatically to customers’ accounts. Beer coins can be used as cash during purchasing, and some special products can only be purchased by Beer coins. Beer coins can’t be topped up, but can be delivered to others as gifts.
  • How to make payment?

    We accept alipay and wechat pay. If you don’t have one yet, please choose one via payment method and use bankcard to pay. We also accept COD(cash on delivery) only in ShangHai (fee: ¥5 / order).
  • is there any discount for quantity buying?

    Beerepublic aims to help more beer lovers to get low-price but high quality beers, so the price is already low on our website. If you buy the whole carton of one certain beer (please pay attention to the number of bottles of one carton in instruction), there is an extra special offer. Click quantity +, when the number reaches the half carton, there will be a notification for the discount price, and this price will also be shown in shopping cart.
  • I want to bulk buying, how can I operate?

    please email or call us (please see the contact info on our website), we are very glad to serve you anytime.
  • What is the available delivery region of Beerepublic?

    If you buy in small amount, please see the delivery region chart below. If you buy in huge amount, national distribution is available.
    1All DistrictsShangCheng Dist.Gusu Dist.(Old Pingjiang, JinChang, Canglang Dist.)Nanchang Dist.Chongchuan Dist.
    2Xiacheng Dist.New Dist.(Huqiu)Beitang Dist.Gangzha Dist.
    3Gongshu Dist.Industrial Dist.Chong'an Dist.Economic Dev Dist.
    4Jianggan Dist.Binghu Dist.
    5Xihu Dist.New Dist.
    6Binjiang Dist.
  • How long it takes from placing order to getting products?

    If you place an order and make the payment before 16.pm, the products will be delivered from the warehouse the same day, and you will get the products the next day (applicable for all the regions in the chart above). If you made the payment after 16.pm, the products will be delivered the next day, and you will get the products the day after next day. Please attention: warehouse is off at weekends, but the order placed before weekends will still be delivered during weekends.
  • I have a little store, and if I make bulk buying on Beerepublic, do you have any supporting service?

    In addition to beers, we will provide you POSM such as the original beer glasses, coasters, pallets, etc. Certainly, it depends on your purchasing amount.
  • When the delivery for other regions will be available?

    we believe in the notion of environmental, so we refuse to use the froth material during delivery, thus most Chinese logistic companies are not able to deliver our products. But we’ve never given up the idea of national distribution, and now we are in the process of negotiating with other logistics companies, it will be soon for national delivery.
  • Will there be any scarce craft beer in Beerepublic?

    Of course☺ we will have some limited or seasonal beers irregularly, please pay attention to our website.
  • I don’t have the right glass for drinking beer. Can I buy glass on Beerepublic?

    We will have different glasses of different beer brands. The imported products with original logo are always the best choice. The quantity of this glasses is limited, please pay attention to our website.
  • After making payment, I’ll see the member gift in the order details, what’s the gift for members?

    We will provide different member gifts in different periods, please wait for the surprise☺
  • Will there be any self-brewed beer on your website?

    Yes, but not for sell, they will only for sharing among beer lovers, and they may charged by beer coins.